St Michael’s Day

My Celebration of St Michael’s Day – September 29th 2016

It’s about using our powers to create good in the world. We who are like gods (The meaning of the name Michael) must use over powers with great responsibility.

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My LordTalks about #NordicImpactWeek

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St Michael’s Day

St Michael

Alexander Bard – What if the internet is God? Alexander Bard at TEDxStockholm

Ghost in The shell Teaser [Fan Edit]

Ghost In The Shell – the 1995 Anime

Daniel Priestley – Key Person Of Influence

The Key Person of Interest Event in London Oct 7th

Mare Nostrum Empires – The Game

Elon Musk – The SpaceX talk about going to mars

400 PPM co2

Terraforming Mars – My Pictures

My Blog

Framtidspodden – The Future Pod in English

Join in for the U.Lab course for a new new type of leadership

Leading from an emerging future

The MOOC that starts now in Sept 2016:
u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future –

Otto explains how we do sustainable change with ULab at Google

One Earth, Two Social Fields

And the conversation in Swedish about eSports and Code of Conduct with Carl Heath

The St Michael’s Day SMBC comic featuring St Michael

This is a special solo episode also viewable on my YouTube channel


10. MoonWatch

Am I just a foolish boy with too many dreams of the future?
Or do you share any of my thoughts for a better future?

I Lord Michael Sillion gets very philosophical about the future after watching Captain America Civil War and watching one of the most beautiful full moon watchings in my life.

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What are humankinds greatest inventions?

Love and Music are 2 most profound

Recorded and digital music bing our greatest legacy to leave behind

And of course the digital transmitted word. The tool of the internet?

How do we incentivize the future we want?
Money has been very useful so far but now we need better and more systems thinking in our societal design.
What are the sum of all human activity?
Oh and do listen to the end for my easter egg as in any good Marvel Movie

The final song is: Summoner’s Battle courtesy of David Bowick

Lets #MoonWatch together and Dance together this summer!
And do join me in Almedalen for some deep philosophical pondering late at night.

Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

9. Hack The Future

How do we hack the Future?
We can’t hack the present and we can’t hack the past but we can create the future!

I talk about my lifelong relationship with The Matrix and how it has yet again redefined my life, this past month.

I can’t go back, can I? – Neo
No. But if you could, would you really want to? – Morpheus

There is no putting this Genie back into the bottle. The only way forward is into a more creative future.

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We are now seeing some serious challenges racking up, here on Spaceship Earth. Although there is much and fast change happening all around us, the major part of humanity and our “Companies” are not keeping up with this change and our challenges. They are still trapped in The Matrix and the olden world of thinking. It’s up to us, people like you and me to unplug them from The Matrix, their fixed mindset and their limited way of thinking. To elevate them beyond the “To Me” and “By Me” attitude and help us all get our “Self Authoring Minds”.

Check out my blog about it:
Elevate Your Mind

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? – Morpheus

I also listen to the awesome new TED talk with Moran Cerf how we can hack our brains in our dreams. And maybe we could learn Kung Fu while we sleep 😉

That is what I want to do as a Future Captain. To elevate myself, you, our tribe and everyone living on and piloting Spaceship Earth with us. I do it with this podcast and with all the events I’m creating like my upcoming Framtidsfrukost and Framtidslunch on May 27th in Varberg

Happy Hacking!

Happy Future!

Show notes

The 2 awesome pods:

Inside Quest

30 days of Genius – Chase Jarvis

And the special episode with
Tom Bilyeu – How To Be A Jedi

Become Batman or a Ninja or Hack your Matrix
“The Morpheus for you mind. Our goal is to bring on people who help us escape the matrix and learn mental Kung Fu”

My The Matrix story:

X-Men Apocalypse

Residual Self Image

Peter Sage

To Me
By Me
Through Me
As Me

Burning man

Robert Kegan
The Self Authoring Mind
The Self Transforming Man


Lifelong learning

The 4 possible Futures:

The Mad Max Future
The Venus Future
The Star Trek Future
The Ecotopia Future

Last Lord Talk

Connecting The World

Making The Human Kit:


Framtidsfrukost 27 maj

Framtidslunch 27 maj

Happy Hacking!
Happy Future!

8. Future Insights – Happy Future

Welcome to a very special solo episode of the Framtidspodden – The Future Pod – where I Captain Future – Lord Sillion talk about social innovation – creativity and 2 sunny hot days in May in Oslo at the Future Insight conference.

This is a soft-launch of phase 2 of my podcast where I step up the focus and the quality of Framtidspodden.

Enjoy and Happy Future!

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Leading from an emerging Future!

Having Future Insights is all about leading from an Emerging Future. About sensing our highest possible future and start creating it. To do that we need a new mindset & attitude and a new skill set. We all need to train Creativity, Compassion, Composure and Collaboration. We need to start asking more interesting questions and “dumb” questions and to laugh more. We create disruption in ourselves and others.

We create many more charging stations for our brains!

We do that by assembling lots of more creative hubs and more and better creative events.


Future Insight in Oslo

Facebook event

The event with all the speakers

Leif Edvinsson after the event – Happy Future!

“Number of question you ask”
“Number of times you laugh”
The Creativity Index

Are ‘Innovation Districts’ Right for Every City?

Ariana Huffington – Get more sleep
Ariana Huffington on Good Life Project

What do you bleed?

Ken Robinson on what we need for skills to create the future

What are the charging stations of the brain in the world?

Scott Dinsmore
Live Your Legend Local


Truls Berg on Open Innovation Lab


The SoCentral meet up and Pitch

Almedalen – Prototype
Skapa Framtiden i Almedalen

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self
Introduction by Otto Scharmer – Leading from an emerging future

My other Lord Talks

The final song is: Summoner’s Battle courtesy of David Bowick

Let’s create a better future together!
Together is the keyword here!

Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

6. Bert-Ola

Bert-Ola is a Future Hero – The Opportunity Maker
Welcome to episode 6 of The Future Pod in English with Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Listen at iTunesStitcher and Soundcloud


Bert-Ola works all over the world connecting people and different innovation hubs. Many of them doing some kind of Social Entrepreneurship.
We first met 4 years ago and have since them bumped into each others at various event that all touches on a more creative future.

Bert-Ola is a Future Hero – The Opportunity Maker

We have to do something now. Before it’s to late.
Leonardo DiCaprio Speech at Oscars 2016

Bert-Ola has 2.5 degrees of separation on Facebook

We go from a
Closed Selective Controlling mode to a
Open Random Supportive mode

Catapult is the big project in Norway

Nordics Go SoCap
Sept 2016

Party For Change

Impact Journey

SOCAP Network

Upcoming events with Bert Ola is the 3 May in Oslo:
Business for Peace and Party for Change in the evening
at Rockefeller Center

10 May also in Oslo
Future of Innovation

Also join us in Amledalen, Gotland, Sweden this summer 3 July to 10 July

The final song is: Summoner’s Battle courtesy of David Bowick

Oh – and buy us a (or 2) beer(s) when you find us 🙂

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

3. Helena Roth

Welcome to episode 3 of The Future Pod in English with Helena Roth

On iTunes – Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Lord Sillion - Seth Godin - Helena Roth

Lord Sillion – Seth Godin – Helena Roth

Helena is a Future Hero by the name of Agent of Change. This is a special episode with Helena Roth after us going to London to meet and listen to Seth Godin on November 3rd 2015.

Helena’s Future Power abilities is to Change People and Deep Listening. With deep listening Helena she can hear beyond the words. She wants a future with more concern, connection and more love.


What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?

For Helena coaching is about:
The ability to hold space
The ability to ask questions and listen
The ability to be quiet

The lamppost exercise.
Can an A.I. be a good coach or mentor like in The Movie Her?

Can we re-learn what it is to be human?
People search in the wrong places outside themselves.

Start by asking: Why?
Like Simon Sinek says

“If you don’t know your Why, then just start doing and find your Why” – Helena

Why School? and #Skolvåren is where i met Helena first.

How can we understand other people better?

What is your story?
Can we agree on start asking people what their stories are instead of asking what they do or work with?

You can find Helen closer the here
And you can find me closer to me


Seth Godin Blog

My Seth Godin Playlist

Keep Making a Ruckus – Seth Godin

Can a Lamp post catch you?

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

My LordTalk list on Soundcloud

Seth Godin freelancer-course Udemy

Like Simon Sinek- Start With Why:

Why School? & #Skolvåren

The Sycamore Trees in London×_acerifolia

Seth Godin Cultists in London

Intro: The Great Giana Sisters (Piano cover) by Christian Vestergaard

The final song is: Summoner’s Battle courtesy of David Bowick

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future