6. Bert-Ola

Bert-Ola is a Future Hero – The Opportunity Maker
Welcome to episode 6 of The Future Pod in English with Bert-Ola Bergstrand

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Bert-Ola works all over the world connecting people and different innovation hubs. Many of them doing some kind of Social Entrepreneurship.
We first met 4 years ago and have since them bumped into each others at various event that all touches on a more creative future.

Bert-Ola is a Future Hero – The Opportunity Maker

We have to do something now. Before it’s to late.
Leonardo DiCaprio Speech at Oscars 2016

Bert-Ola has 2.5 degrees of separation on Facebook

We go from a
Closed Selective Controlling mode to a
Open Random Supportive mode

Catapult is the big project in Norway

Nordics Go SoCap
Sept 2016

Party For Change

Impact Journey

SOCAP Network

Upcoming events with Bert Ola is the 3 May in Oslo:
Business for Peace and Party for Change in the evening
at Rockefeller Center

10 May also in Oslo
Future of Innovation

Also join us in Amledalen, Gotland, Sweden this summer 3 July to 10 July

The final song is: Summoner’s Battle courtesy of David Bowick

Oh – and buy us a (or 2) beer(s) when you find us 🙂

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

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